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The roots
puce More than 10 years of network dynamics

The methodology adopted by AGTER has largely been inspired by the work carried out within the framework of the Family Farming and Globalization Network supported by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation from 1990 to 2002. The first step in the process of elaboration of sustainable, fair, and fraternal alternative proposals in the field of land and natural ressources management has been the preparation of Proposal Notebooks for the 21st century related to land policies and agrarian reforms, (...)

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puce Links between AGTER's creation and the World Social Forum (WSF)

These works have been carried out in the context of the World Social Forum (WSF) and other related Forums or Conferences. Thus it is noteworthy that the substance of the Notebook of Propositions on Agrarian Reforms and Land Policies has been largely elaborated during the two-days workshop organized during the World Forum of Porto Alegre in 2001 by the APM networks, the IRAM, and the Brazilian farmers confederation (CONTAG) .
During the World Forum on Food Sovereignty in The Havana in (...)

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puce The World Forum on Agrarian Reform (WFAR) in Valence. December 2004

A Spanish NGO, the CERAI, [Centro de Estudios Rurales y de Agricultura Internacional] coordinated the organization of a “thematic forum” of the World Social Forum on Agrarian Reform. It gathered more than 500 delegates of peasant and indigenous organizsations, non governmental organizations, academic and public institutions coming from 72 countries worldwide.
The objectives of the World Forum on Agrarian Reform (WFAR) were : to bring forward the question of agrarian reform on the agenda of (...)

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