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puce The Commons Revolution and the Law. New land issues in Africa, America and Europe
Etienne Le Roy

puce Why and how did the juridicity of the commons impose itself on our work on land issues? The story of an initiation
Etienne Le Roy

puce Agrarian reforms are still necessary, but they cannot be identical to those of the past
Michel Merlet

puce Young people's access to land : Proposals to improve the design and monitoring of future rural development interventions and policies
Michel Merlet, Robert Levesque

puce The Land Question in Contemporary Rural India
Vaishali Bansal, Vikas Rawal

puce Right to property and ownership, from the « Declaration of Rights » to the « Civil Code »
Joseph Comby

puce Land Inequality at the Heart of Unequal Societies. Research Findings from the Land Inequality Initiative. Executive Summary of ILC Report
Giuila Baldinelli, Ward Anseeuw

puce Uneven Ground. Land Inequality at the Heart of Unequal Societies. Research Findings from the Land Inequality Initiative (Full report)
Giuila Baldinelli, Ward Anseeuw

In most countries, land inequality is growing. Worse, new measures and analysis published in this synthesis report show that land inequality is significantly higher than previously reported. This report was prepared from 17 studies commissioned by ILC. AGTER participated in the steering committee and prepared a contribution on the importance of setting up mechanisms to regulate land markets in order to reduce inequalities.

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puce Playing before paying? A PES simulation game for assessing power inequalities and motivations in the governance of Ecosystem Services
Gert Van Hecken, Pierre Merlet, René Rodriguez-Fabilena

puce Can Financial Incentives Change Farmers' Motivations? An Agrarian System Approach to Development Pathways at the Nicaraguan Agricultural Frontier
Pierre Merlet

puce International Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development ICARRD 2006. Video synthesis
Paolo Groppo

Historical video of the Porto Alegre conference (FAO) which has put back the land issue on the international agenda. We added it to the file devoted by AGTER to the international conferences on Agrarian Reform in our online knowledge base.

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puce Convergence under pressure. Different routes to private ownership through land reforms in four Mekong countries (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam)
Christian Castellanet, Marie Mellac

This document provides keys to understanding the contemporary land dynamics of these four countries and the current issues related to the development of large enterprises that benefit from concessions and the increase of landless peasants.

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puce Large-scale or small-scale production in agriculture? The “agrarian question” today
Michel Merlet

In “The Agrarian Question” (1899) Kautsky analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of large-scale production and peasant production. He considered that the industrialization of agriculture and the proletarianization of the peasants were inevitable ...

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puce Formalising land rights in developing countries : Moving from past controversies to future strategies
Aurore Mansion, Philippe Lavigne Delville

puce Reappropriating the Law to recover control of the use of land
Quentin Hecquet

puce Fragmentation of land tenure systems in Cambodia : peasants and the formalization of land rights
Jean-Christophe Diépart

puce Caste, class and Gender Disparities in Rural India

1. Introduction
India is a country of vast inequalities. It is important to state it because this fact is often ignored in domestic as well as in international discussions on India’s development experience. In the international literature on economic inequality, India is typically identified as a place with low or moderate levels of inequality. This is a myth that we must reject at the outset. The state in India has mastered the art of producing sophisticated statistics that are bogus, and (...)

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puce "Access to land for community connected Farming : new forms of socially and environmentally responsible farming in Europe"
Marta Fraticelli

aGter participated to the project « Access to land for community connected Farming : new forms of socially and environmentally
responsible farming in Europe", coordinated by Forum Synergies and Terre de Liens, with an European network of actors.
The purpose of the project was to document and enhance the citizen farming and land initiatives in Europe, in order to take part in the debate on renewal of European agriculture and the CAP.
A number of interesting experiences of sustainable and (...)

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puce Relevance of Legal Pluralism Approach in Nicaragua. Two case studies : Access to land in UCOSD and NITLAPAN projects.
Pierre Merlet

The weight of rural poverty and the very unequal distribution of land in Nicaragua mean that the issue of access to land is still a priority in development policies. In spite of several state policies during the last 30 years the problem has not been solved and, therefore, non governmental actors try to tackle the issue by implementing development intervention which aim is to bring access to land to the poor.
The objective of this paper is to study two of these interventions in order to (...)

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puce White Paper of the French Development Cooperation: Land Governance and Security of Tenure in Developing Countries

Land tenure is a social relationship. It refers to the relationships that are established between people regarding access to land and the natural resources it bears. It is therefore a major economic, social and political stake. Because land policies defi ne land rights, how to manage these rights, and the rules on distribution of land among actors, they play a central role in development strategies. Land policy decisions are the focus of numerous debates:
Should one favour the land (...)

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puce INDIA. Ekta Parishad is fighting for land reform implementation - Satyagrahi will march to parliament of India
Samuel L’Orphelin

New Delhi, 31 October 2009
5,000 people’s from deprived communities gathered at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi 5,000 satyagrahis (non-violent activist) sleeping on the road and continuing fasting and demanding declaration of national land reform policy and better implementation of forest right recognition act.
The issue of peoples’ control and ownership of land is at the centre of livelihood rights and self-esteem that governments have been wilfully neglecting for long. In order to bring land (...)

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