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puce Discover the experience of the Rural Code in Niger!

AGTER, with E-Sud Development, AREN, and the LandNet West African network has realized a educational kit and a film about the Lessons Learned from Niger’s Rural Code.

We have decided to emphasize this original process as it succeeded, through 20 years of participatory approach, in reducing both the number of land conflicts and their violence. It also contributed to improve patterns of governance at the different territorial levels. The Rural Code is now a benchmark for rural development policies in Niger and West Africa that might be interesting for many people and organisations in other parts of the globe.

You can find the educational kit in English in our website and the film (in low quality) below.

Flash Video - 429.5 MB

You can order the whole kit with the film by contacting us directly. The fees you will be charged include the cost of reproduction of the kit, postage and a free contribution.

The project was initiated within the context of the Capacity building project for agricultural organizations networks, focusing on agriculture, food and rural policies funded by the French Development Agency. The contractor for this project is the ADEPRINA/Inter-réseaux Développement rural.


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