AGTER, une association pour contribuer à Améliorer la Gouvernance de la Terre, de l´Eau et des Ressources Naturelles


International Meeting "Gardarem the Land and the Sea" around the issue of natural resource grabbing

30 years after winning the fight against the expansion of the military camp in the Larzac, taking action against land and natural resource grabbing has become crucial to the future of the entire world.

AGTER invites you to the Larzac, to participate in an event that is highly symbolic because of the local population’s history of engaging in agrarian and global justice battles. Come to meetings highlighting the experience of individuals from a variety of different countries, and explore the actions and alliances that will most effectively help us to resist, to develop propositions, and to build alternatives.

- From the 14th to the 16th of July, in Nant, in Aveyron, France, conferences, video projections, round-table discussions, and workshops, will contribute to the development of solutions and actions. In particular :

- A march in support of all of the movements currently fighting against land grabbing throughout the world, on July 17th at 10 am on the Larzac Plateau.

Activities organized by the Larzac Development Organization (Association pour l’aménagement du Larzac), the Conféderation Paysanne de l’Aveyron, The Sustainable Earth Alliance (L’Alliance internationale Terre Citoyenne), The World Mountain People Association (WMPA), AGTER (Association to contribute to improve the Governance of Land, Water and Natural Resources) with the support of The World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers (WWF) and of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation.

If you cannot come in person, you will be able very soon to listen to the different conferences on AGTER’s website, on the following page.

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To learn more about current and past activism in the Larzac, please consult

More information is also available on the Sustainable Earth website.

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Présentation (supplément à Gardarem Lo Larzac)