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Local Governance of natural resources.

This file is available on www.agter.org, with an interface especially dedicated to a multilingual knowledge database.

puce New Communities' and Peasants' Strategies in Bolivian Amazon. Threats and Hopes for a Sustainable Use of Forest Resources.

This paper is based on the results of a research carried out during 2009 by AGTER as part of a broader CIFOR research, financed by a Rights and Resources Initiative project. The five-month fieldwork was carried out by Marta Fraticelli.
It was presented by Marta Fraticelli and Michel Merlet during the Conference. "Taking stock of smallholder and community forestry: Where do we go from here?" IRD, CIFOR, CIRAD 24 - 26 March 2010 Montpellier, (...)

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puce CHAD. Joint management of common land and resources in Mayo-Kebbi. (B. Bonnet).

[*Recreating local decision-making bodies for the management and planning of common resources *]
Management of natural resources of the South of Mayo-Kebbi (in Chad’s Sudanian Savannah region) is focused on the management of community resources (grazing land, water, forests, game, wood, fish resources, etc.) by means of community-based institutions and resource management systems. It attempts to organise local environmental actions by using the traditional system of community resource (...)

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