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Tools and Method
puce A network and an association

Our perception of the best methods of governance of land and natural resources will evolve progressively and collectively, because of our collaborative ways of working (as explained earlier). We intend to create the ways and means to promote and spread civil society’s views and proposals on governance. The mechanism that we use must have a realistic timeline, and be flexible and adaptable. It will rely on two distinct structures: The heart of the operation: A worldwide network of people (...)

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puce AGTER's method

So that a new governance of land and natural resources can be promoted, a deep change in our way of thinking must take place. Our method enables us to identify the forerunner signs and the sparks of this revolution of governance.
AGTER and the network it runs establish the means of observation which are necessary to identify, take inventory and compare what is moving in the world relating to management of land and natural resources: new forms of social engagement private management of (...)

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puce AGTER's Online Knowledge Base
Michel Merlet

The Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation supports AGTER’s work on this knowlegdebase website. It puts together several folders on specific issues, and many other papers.
Files of AGTER’s Online Knowledge Base. Sharing power and natural resources governance [20 papers] (English; some articles also in French) Lessons Learned from Niger’s Rural Code [8 papers and 4 films] (English and French) Land issues in West Africa. Briefing notes. [17 papers] (English and French) Agricultural Land Policies in (...)

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