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What is at stake? What do we want to do?
puce Stakes of land, water and natural ressources governance

Conflicts around the world over land, water, and natural resources are happening more and more frequently. They are also more and more serious, and concern at the same time:
access to resources; and
recognition and management of the rights of the different individual and collective – as well as private and public – actors.
The part of the ‘common good’ that is the land – soils, forests, water and maritime resources – is not sufficiently recognised.
It is also less and less well-managed, (...)

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puce Addressing new needs

New forms of struggles and new needs
There are today new kinds of struggles organized by the actors of the civil society. The altermondialist movement illustrates these new kinds of struggles.
Nowadays, the objectives of these struggles are to force change at levels of decision-making that are well above those in which one can participate by the usual democratic mechanisms. The objectives encompass not only national but international issues – the latter no less fundamental to solving (...)

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