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 Forest Governance in Brasil
puce The Process of Changing the Brazilian Forestry Code
Ludmila Caminha B.

Since colonization, rural development in Brazil has been dominated by a hegemonic model of export plantations. By taking advantage of factors such as the over-exploitation of labor, the illegal appropriation of public land, and forest destruction, Brazil has become a leader in the global agricultural commodities trade, which has allowed it to maintain a positive trade balance. It has also achieved this position thanks to generous public support for certain forms of agriculture: export (...)

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puce BRESIL. Scenarios of the evolution of the forest in the state of Amazonas. Rent capture and land issues.
Michel Merlet

Over the last few years, the State of Amazonas has developed an original forest policy based on small-scale sustainable management of forests, the creation of protected areas and a climate law. Below we discuss the possible evolutionary scenarios for the Amazonian forests at the state level and the challenges that the policy needs to address in the light of reference studies.
Existing studies and estimates
Nearly all studies are agreed that deforestation is not primarily the result of (...)

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