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Past activities (some archives)

  puce Gardarem la Terre et la Mer. Rencontres internationales de Nant. Juillet 2011.
  puce Quelques interventions d'AGTER sur le thème de l'accaparement des terres et des ressources naturelles
  puce Interventions
puce International Meeting "Gardarem the Land and the Sea" around the issue of natural resource grabbing
Jesse Rafert

30 years after winning the fight against the expansion of the military camp in the Larzac, taking action against land and natural resource grabbing has become crucial to the future of the entire world.
AGTER invites you to the Larzac, to participate in an event that is highly symbolic because of the local population’s history of engaging in agrarian and global justice battles. Come to meetings highlighting the experience of individuals from a variety of different countries, and explore (...)

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puce AGTER's participation in the side event Landtenure.info. Rome. FAO. 3/11/2006.
Michel Merlet

The side event “Sharing knowledge and experiences to promote a more equitable women’s access to land” took place on the 3rd of November 2006, during the Committee on World Food Security, at the FAO Headquarters.
It aimed at the promotion of the landtenure.info database as an important tool for spreading knowledge about land issues. It focused on the gender dimension in two countries: Mozambique and Guatemala.
The purpose of landtenure.info database is to spread information on land to a wide (...)

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puce WEST AFRICA. Production of educational materials on the land tenure.

Access to summary and relevant information on land issues is very difficult. There are many documents in different languages, but their exploration is mostly beyond the reach of key stakeholders.
The heads of peasant and women organizations, NGO leaders, technicians, policy makers and donors working on rural development in Africa need food for thought to guide their actions. Serious texts, but short, attractive and easy to understand by the users are necessary.
The initiative to produce (...)

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