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puce WEST AFRICA. Production of educational materials on the land tenure.
A project funded by AFD and jointly conducted by the Hub Rural, AGTER, the Landnet West Africa, the GRAF and ROPPA.

Access to summary and relevant information on land issues is very difficult. There are many documents in different languages, but their exploration is mostly beyond the reach of key stakeholders.

The heads of peasant and women organizations, NGO leaders, technicians, policy makers and donors working on rural development in Africa need food for thought to guide their actions. Serious texts, but short, attractive and easy to understand by the users are necessary.

The initiative to produce educational material aims at partly answering this request with the following objectives:

- Widely disseminate knowledge and information on specific topics, highlighting short, clear and relevant messages, appropriate to different categories of actors;

- Allow stakeholders to overcome the complexity of land issues, to enlighten their discussions and determine their own position in the land debate based on results of recent empirical analysis and historical experiences of reference.

The aim is that the construction of educational materials is directly articulated with the concerns of major stakeholders and linked with major conjectural issues they have to deal with. This is a necessary condition for the effective and beneficial use of documents. However, going beyond the emergencies of daily life, we also want to address the background questions that involve long-term strategic vision.

This initiative is supported by:

- Hub Rural,
- aGter,
- LandNet West Africa,

It is financed by AFD (Agence Française de Développement),throuh the“Land Tenure and Development” Technical Committee.

Access to educational factsheets in the section devoted to them.


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