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puce NO to the electrocution of fish and the disappearance of small scale fishers! Sign the Petition !
Source : BLOOM NGO
Association BLOOM

Europe and the lobbies are wreaking havoc… but citizens must be stronger!

The Dutch industrial lobbies have been winning it all from the European institutions: despite the fact that electric pulse fishing has been banned in Europe since 1998, they have been obtaining authorizations by derogation since 2007… and they are now on the verge of having electric pulse fishing deemed an “innovative” fishing method, rather than a destructive one. This could allow its authorization throughout Europe!

Let’s speak out against the extermination of marine life and small-scale fishers

Industrial electric pulse trawlers plough up the seabed, indiscriminately electrocute all marine life, and discard up to 60% of their catch: it’s an ecological disaster! The small-scale fishers who come along after them have never seen anything like it. They speak of a “desert”, a “graveyard”… but this radical efficacy doesn’t just devastate marine ecosystems: electric pulse fishing brings small-scale fishers who practice sustainable fishing to their knees. This may be the final battle between industrial fishing and small-scale artisanal fishing. Let’s not let them win this war!

A parliament under the influence of the lobbies = our democracies taken hostage

The Dutch lobbies fear the power of citizens, because they know that we are firmly against electrocuting marine life and transforming the ocean into a desert, as are the scientists, fishmongers and small-scale fishers… The industrial lobbies are therefore putting the pressure on for the Parliament’s plenary vote to happen as soon as possible, so that the opposition doesn’t have time to get organized and alert the MEPs about the consequences of their vote.

It is urgent that we react and oppose the cynical influence of the industrial fishing lobbies.

Europe is the only place that authorizes this destructive fishing method!!

Europe is the only place in the world that authorizes electric pulse fishing. It brings shame on our democracies and our institutions. The MEPs can still block a decision that would be unjustifiable and immensely brutal on a social level.

Let’s speak out now, to let MEPs know that citizens will not tolerate this death sentence for the ocean and small-scale fishers! We refuse to let fish be monopolized by a few industrial fishers who care little if they empty the seas with their unprecedented technological efficacy, causing irreparable social consequences.

Let us join forces to demand a total and definitive ban on electric pulse fishing in Europe

Electric pulse fishing must be completely banned, with no authorizations in the form of arbitrary derogations. We must not tolerate a handful of Dutch industrialists jeopardizing the economic balances of our territories and small-scale fishers who work every day for a truly sustainable form of fishing.

Sign the petition here :

Find more information about the campaign :


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