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puce Final report from the WFAL 2016 global assembly

Thank you for contributing to the WFAL 2016 Global Assembly !

Please find attached below the final report from the World Forum on Access to Land and Natural Resources 2016 :

PDF - 336.9 kb
Final report WFAL 2016

The process of clarifying and implementing forum participants’ proposals has now begun. We will be sharing forum reports that cover the entirety of forum discussions, and the proposals that came out of them, in coming weeks.

We must continue to share ideas, build alliances, and take action!

The WFAL International Organizing Committee (IOC) has decided to remain intact moving forward. In keeping with the values that lead to the organization of the global assembly in Valencia, IOC members will continue to foster collaboration and exchange, strengthen alliances, and encourage action.

The global assembly provided a wonderful opportunity to bear witness, form new alliances, and share ideas and proposals. It is now time to clarify which actions to take and how to sustainably implement them. Please continue to discuss forum proposals with other participants, and use the CONTRIBUTIONS and FORUM tabs on the WFAL website to share ideas and documents (http://www.landaccessforum.org/?page_id=3125).

We invite you to send ALL WRITTEN AND VIDEO DOCUMENTS that you are interested in sharing to the secretariat email address (secretariat@landaccessforum.org). We will put them up on the WFAL website.

[*We will be sharing forum reports very shortly. In the meantime, we thank you for your contributions, before, during, and after the global assembly in Valencia; and we stand in solidarity with all of your efforts to end land and natural resource grabbing and to promote policies that favor small scale resource users all over the world: farmers, pastoralists, family fishermen and women, and indigenous communities...*]

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