AGTER, une association pour contribuer à Améliorer la Gouvernance de la Terre, de l´Eau et des Ressources Naturelles


More than 10 years of network dynamics

The methodology adopted by AGTER has largely been inspired by the work carried out within the framework of the Family Farming and Globalization Network supported by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation from 1990 to 2002. The first step in the process of elaboration of sustainable, fair, and fraternal alternative proposals in the field of land and natural ressources management has been the preparation of Proposal Notebooks for the 21st century related to land policies and agrarian reforms, traditional fishing, water, and soil. These Proposal Notebooks have been elaborated progressively, with the contribution of groups of participants coming from different continents and having accumulated a long experience in relation with the issues considered.

This work has mainly been based on networks supported by the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation : the Family Farming and Globalization network, and the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and Fraternal World. The nature of these networks has been of utmost importance for the success of this initiative. They have been built up through a long-standing process, paying attention for their members to be able to know and appreciate each other, and to establish relationship of mutual understanding.

Thanks to such established networks dynamics, syntheses and proposals could be drawn within relatively short delays, in spite of the complexity of the issues.