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puce AGTER participates in consultation with civil society organizations from Europe, Middle East and Central Asia on the Voluntary Guidelines for Land and Natural Resource Tenure. Rome, July 2010. CIP, FAO.
Michel Merlet
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Call-Voluntary guidelines

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations- FAO has initiated a process of discussion which should lead to the adoption of the Voluntary Guidelines for Land and Natural Resource Tenure. The attached text gives a quick overview of this process along with its objectives and structure.

It is within this context that the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty has convened and hosted the regional meeting of Civil Society Organisations from Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Michel Merlet has been invited to attend this meeting on behalf of AGTER. This gave us the opportunity to underline that we will have to go beyond voluntary measures and to establish legal binding mechanisms if we want to control the process of appropriation and land concentration in large scale, which, by various mechanisms put humanity at risk.

We also emphasize that the issue of property taxes should be discussed, and the establishment of a land tax system could be one of the key elements that would control the land evolution. (See the document prepared with the Technical Committee on Landtenure and Development, which will be available in French and in English in September 2010).

You will find on this page documents and links related to this meeting.

Webpage of the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty


Final Report of the Rome meeting


Record by Radio Mundo Real.fm, a Uruguayan radio linked to Friends of the Earth International, which covered the meeting

Presentation of the meeting and some speakers. The Land issue. (In Spanish)


Interview with Michel Merlet (Spanish, English and Portuguese)


Interview with Michel Merlet "To go further" (in Spanish)


Interview with Antonio Onorati: summary of the meeting (in Spanish)


Additional interviews and articles about the meeting are available on the website of Radio Mundo Real


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