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puce Synthesis of WFAL workshops are now available !

[*The synthesis of the 13 workshops of the WFAL world meeting are now available in English on the WFAL website.*]

Each synthesis includes around 2 pages of text, and the list of the speakers, moderators and rapporteurs who participated to the workshop. The list of participants is not always exhaustive. We ask people whose names do not appear in these lists to contact the following address to enable us to complete them : secretariat@landaccessforum.org

The synthesis have been written by the WFAL secretariat, on the basis of the reports made by presented by the Rapporteurs during the plenary sessions, and the handnotes taken by the WFAL facilitators during the workshops.

We invite the participants to the 13 workshops to share their reactions and comments with the secretariat. Comments from persons who did not participate are also very welcome. Reactions will be shared through the website to enrich and continue developing the analysis and proposals shaped during the workshops.


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